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There is a lot more to spas than just froth and bubbles. Spas are a delight on hot summer nights. They can be raised above or sunk into the ground, and in the open or enclosed in a garden building.

Before you purchase a spa pool you should consider a number of important design features. All these factors may affect the way it is placed and used in the landscape, how many people it can comfortable accommodate, the appearance, safety and costs:

  • The Weightless Factor.
  • Size
  • Shape
  • Depth
  • Seating
  • Access
  • Construction Material
  • Performance
  • Internal Finish.
  • Maintenance
  • Costs
  • Indoors or Outdoors
  • Installation considerations
    • When selecting the position for your spa, you should take into account shelter from the sun, shade, wind, location of other buildings, proximity of trees etc. and above all, accessibility.
    • Spa pools can be installed in the ground or above the ground depending on the site or personal preference. Above the ground, or partially in the ground from a practical point of view is best, as it allows access to the plumbing system and it's connections to the spa.
    • Should the spa be part of a building program or installed internally, it may be wise to check with your local authority before proceeding.
    • Your spa will be supplied with spa and filter equipment, the location of the equipment will be predetermined by the supplier, therefore make allowance on site for these items and the associated pipework.
    • A spa pool filled with water will have a mass of 1600kg, with water and bathers, the mass could be in excess of 2100kg. Therefore it is important that the spa pool be supported under the base, the seat, the reclining areas and retained at the rim to prevent flexing. A concrete reinforced pad with a minimum thickness of 100mm is recommended.

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