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Learn to be self-sufficient with new interactive course

Learn to be self-sufficient with new interactive course

If you’re tired of supporting multinational corporations and want to adopt a simpler and more sustainable lifestyle, this course will show you how. ACS distance Education has developed an interactive version of its Self Sufficiency I course that teaches the basics of how to live an independent lifestyle. The course is available on CD or online and contains interactive self-assessment tests to help students assess their progress. ACS Principal John Mason said the course would give people an insight into the skills, resources and challenges they would need to break free of mindless consumerism.

“Modern society is an extremely complex thing that relies completely on a massive network of interrelationships between individuals and groups,” Mr Mason said.

“But not everybody wants to be a cog in the machine. To some, the idea of living self-sufficiently and producing the things which they need to survive without relying on outside assistance is incredibly appealing.”

Mr Mason said the extent to which people could be truly self-sufficient was partly dependent on how much they were willing to compromise on their lifestyle.

“You might have to wear different types of clothing, adapt to a different level of mobility or change your diet,” he said.

“The important questions to ask yourself are what can I do without? What can I grow or make myself? Would I be any less happy if I had fewer possessions or less clothing?

“It’s also important to consider that to be truly self-sufficient will require a lot of hard work – for example, tending your garden, chopping wood, feeding your livestock and making your own clothing, furniture and other goods.”

The new interactive version of Self Sufficiency I contains modules on maintaining good health, growing your own food, animal husbandry, building, alternative energy, craft and country skills (such as building furniture and making preserves) and important safety and emotional welfare issues to consider. People interested in finding out more should go to http://www.acs.edu.au/courses/product.aspx?id=196.

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