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Making a Sales Pitch

Making a Sales Pitch Work

The impact of a message depends upon not only what is said, but also how it is said. You must decide on the style, tone, words & format factors that put the message across in the most effective way.

For example, the following different styles can be followed:

· Slice of Life ‑product shown to be used by people in their normal day to day life.

· Lifestyle ‑emphasizes how the product fits into a particular lifestyle.

· Fantasy ‑creates a fantasy about/around the product (eg: A frog eats cough lollies & turns into a prince)

· Mood or Image ‑Builds a mood around a product such as beauty, love or serenity.

· Musical ‑showing characters singing a song or jingle

· Personality symbol ‑associates product with a character (eg: Ronald McDonald, Mr Sheen etc)

· Technical Expertise ‑shows technical expertise behind product or service being provided.

· Scientific Evidence ‑presenting statistical, survey or scientific evidence to support product.

· Testimonial ‑highly credible persons endorsing the product.

The tone of the advertisement or sales pitch can be varied from the serious advert which avoids humor (so as not distract from the message), to the humorous advert which attempts to convey the message indirectly and through subtle approaches.

What words sell

Certain words are known to trigger or catch a person’s attention, and are widely used in advertising for just this reason.

Such words include:

“you”, “your”, “how”, “new”, “who”, “free”, “money”, “now”, “people”, “want” and “why”

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