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Fire Safe Pets

PETS AND FIRES - How prepared are you?

Here are some fire safety tips, especially useful for households with pets and children:

· The first thing to remember is not to panic and to keep a posted emergency phone number for the fire department in clear view, ideally next to your phone, and keyed into your mobile if you have one.

· Make sure your pet is wearing a current animal license tag. If your pet is found after a fire, then you can be quickly reunited.

· If fire threatens release horses and other large animals if they’re in stables or similar enclosures.

· Make arrangements with friends or relatives who live elsewhere so that you can leave pets and/or children with them in case fire threatens your home.

· If you have time before evacuating the area where your home is, do a very quick check to ensure your immediate neighbours and their pets are safe. Animals locked indoors may need to be released. Small animals can be taken with you if you can catch them quickly, but don’t risk yourselves and your family by hanging around.

· If you need to evacuate, use a portable carrier to transport your pet and to bring food, water, medications and a familiar toy or blanket. Having these already prepared prior to high fire risk conditions, can save you a lot of time when fire threatens.

· Practise a fire escape plan at least twice a year with every member of the household and organise a meeting place outside.

· Teach children about fire and fire safety.

· Keep a fire extinguisher handy, and know how to use it.

· Ask your veterinarian for an emergency number you can call should your pet require medical care when the office is closed.

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