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Meat for Dogs


The dog is of the Carnivora order and it was a flesh-eating beast in its wild state. Preserved skeletons of wild or semi-wild dogs demonstrates that they were very healthy without all the mod cons we serve up to our dogs day after day.

Fundamentally the dog is a meat eater, it’s entire anatomy being adapted for a meat diet, from the teeth and jaw designed for tearing flesh and crushing bones. Dogs have a relatively small but muscular stomach with a short intestine (to avoid putrefaction of flesh foods), and very powerful digestive juices – features common to carnivorous animals.


When dogs are given bones they are the canine and feline tooth brush. Bones also exercise the salivary glands. Soft bones are best for regular use (brisket bones, or ribs) because the hard marrow filled bones can wear the bones down unduly. Bones which splinter and bones small enough for dogs to swallow whole, as well as cooked chicken bones, and fish bones are best avoided.

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