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Want to be the next JK Rowling?

If you have a novel just waiting to burst out of you but lack the confidence or skills to make it happen, our newly upgraded Fiction Writing course is for you. Covering all aspects of fiction writing, from inception of ideas through to pitching a manuscript to a publisher, this course will help get you on the road to literary success.

According to ACS School Principal, John Mason, the course will help amateur writers to take a great idea and shape it into a marketable piece of writing.

“Many inexperienced writers are held back by their fear that their work won’t be as good on paper as it seemed in their imagination,” Mr Mason said.

“This course will give them the foundation of skills they need to feel confident they can deliver the goods.

“Students will learn how to polish their ideas and flesh them out into publishable quality work. They will also learn the fundamentals of good storytelling and how to structure their story to give it maximum interest and plot momentum.”

Mr Mason said the components of storytelling, such as characterisation, tense, narration and setting were also important aspects of writing covered in the course. The differences between various genres of fiction, such as fantasy, westerns, drama, fairytales, comedy and horror were also explored.

The 100 hour Fiction Writing course has just been re-released with an additional 7500 words of illustrative examples, writing tips and advice on how to improve your creative writing.

For more information about Fiction Writing or any other writing course, visit http://www.acs.edu.au/courses/product_Listings.aspx?query=writing.

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