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Exercise Programs

An exercise program consists of one or several sequences of training units; each sequence being carried out during a single training session.

An Exercise Unit = A single type of activity, or a single well defined task.

Example: Walking 1 km; or lifting a specified weight in a certain way for 10 repetitions.

An Exercise Segment = A combination of similar training units.

Example: A series of different aerobic exercises, or a series of different stretching exercises.

An Exercise Session = A combination of training segments, undertaken as a sequence at the same point in time.

Example: An aerobic segment followed by a stretching segment followed by a segment of weights (ie. resistance training).

An Exercise Program = A schedule for undertaking exercise sessions.

Example: This typically involves at least three exercise sessions per week.

It may involve more. The exercise sessions may all be the same, or there may be different types of exercise sessions being undertaken at different points during the program.

A persons individual capacity to undertake exercise will depend upon age, sex and level of fitness. The amount of energy used for all exercise segments together, in a training session, is called the overload (also called training stimulus). Different people (eg. the fit and the unfit) will have different capacities to undertake the same exercise program: the impact of the same program on different individuals will thus vary. This variation is called the "strain". The way a persons "strain" impacts upon the exercise undertaken is called the training stress.

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