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Aromatherapy: How it might work

How Aromatherapy May Work

A consultation with a trained aromatherapist is much like a visit to your GP. The therapist will take your background details, including information on other treatments you receive. Then, they will assess you for physical symptoms, by looking at things such as your eyes, fingernails and igns of circulation. Reflexoloy can also be used to confirm the symptoms or to bring to the fore many little things that may have been overlooked. Based on this assessment, the therapist will then select the appropriate oils for use and prescribe how and when to use them. This may include using in an oil burner, steam inhalation, massage and use in creams or in a bath.

The oils suggested for use will normally be a blend of 3 or more oils, combined for their synergy, or ability to work together more effectively. For instance, a client may be wanting treatment for the alleviation of stress, yet stress is different things for different people. If the stress is related to all things being out of balance, then Clary Sage would be included in the blend, to restore balance. If stress is related to the inability to relax, then a very calming oil such as Benzoin or Ylang Ylang may be called for.

Another example of a synergistic blend is lavender and rose, for menstrual pain. The lavender alone will give immediate pain relief, but rose is balancing to the hormonal system. So, while rose is not effective at taking away pain on contact, it gives longer term relief. Used in conjunction then, rose and lavender would be a superior oil to either one used individually.

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