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Aerobic Fitness Course

Principal John Mason

                                                                        For further information contact:

                                                                        Denise Hodges, Marketing & Academic Officer

                                                                        ACS Distance Education [email protected]

                                                                        P: 07 5562 1088  F: 07 5562 1099          



Fully Revised Advanced Aerobics course now available to study online


New, fully revised Advanced Aerobics course now available to study online, on CD or through correspondence.


Lessons in this course cover elements necessary for a career in aerobic instruction such as class design, leadership, and organising classes. This is a course for both fitness professionals who want to develop a greater depth of understanding, or individuals who want to pay more serious attention to their own well being.


Why do the course?


·         Gain a great new skill to promote health and fitness for both yourself, friends or the community

·         Contribute to the quality of life of yourself and others

·         Maintain a healthy body and mind

·         Develop the skills and ability to conduct exercise to music classes

·         Understand and gain a knowledge of various energy sources – from beginners to advanced athletes and the best way to breathe

·         Learn important rhythms and music beats used in aerobics

·         Learn basic safety skills, insurance requirements and the legalities involved in being a fitness instructor – including safety audits and pre-screening fitness checks

·         Improve your understanding of fitness, including how to take heart rate, blood pressure, weighing – Body Mass Index and more

·         Understand the “Training Zone” – the formula to work out if the heart is working at maximum intensity

·         Learn about lung and cardiovascular capacity

·         Learn how to manage and teach an exercise program

·         Learn how to design an entire class

·         Improve your leadership and communication skills


For more information, contact the staff at ACS Distance Education, or visit one of our websites: www.acs.edu.au, www.acsedu.co.uk, www.acseduonline.com


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