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Will TAFE & Unis Radically Change





Post-secondary education used to be simple. You did an apprenticeship, a TAFE course, or university and you were set for life.

This is no longer so though. The world is changing so fast; and we are increasingly affected by globalisation.  The old distinctions between trades and professions are becoming blurred.


In the past, university education was largely academic in focus, and vocational education was focused on developing skills that would serve a person for their working life.


TAFE’s, Universities and even government colleges are considered by many to be in crisis. Governments and bureaucrats continually make changes to the system; but perhaps they are making a fundamental mistake: They are continuing to use management and curriculum development procedures that are more suited to the 1970’s than the 21st century.


Today’s world requires a system that is focused on educating people to deal with a situation that does not yet exist, and will remain unknown until after the student graduates: then will continue to become something quite different beyond that, into the future.


The problem is, in today’s world, skills need to be changed, modified or updated almost as fast as they are learnt. In order to do this, even the skilled tradesman needs to have a more innovative or even academic approach to deal with the problems that they face on a daily basis.


Perhaps the future world requires a hybrid approach to education: something that is neither a university or a vocational college; but rather, an institution that delivers a post secondary education that is more academic than vocational, and more practically oriented than most of what is taught at university. The graduate would then be a person capable of greater innovation and adaptability, and able to apply learning in a changing world driven by global economic forces.


By John Mason

Principal Australian Correspondence Schools



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