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Lose Weight Not Nutrition

Press Release  

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Lose weight not nutrition


The Nutrition for Weight Loss course was developed due to the demand for more information about the reality of obesity; about the medical and health implications; and how diet, exercise and lifestyle choices all play a part in contributing to the obesity epidemic we see in the world today.


Not only are there financial implications for the global health epidemic, but the effects of obesity on individual quality of life can be devastating.  The daily strain to overcome personal battles with food takes a psychological, physical and emotional toll. These people often struggle to find the resources, information and support they need. 


If you already work in the health sector, would like to be involved in health promotion, work in Childcare or simply would like to learn more about weight loss/maintenance this is the course for you.



1. Understanding Obesity

2. Nutrition Basics

3. Diets -Fads, Fiction and Fact

4. Preventing Obesity

5. Treating Obesity 

6. Modifying Eating Behaviour

7. Restricting Calorie Intake

8. Medical Conditions: Hormones, Drugs, Eating Disorders 

9. Planning a Diet


Here's links to 2 more new nutrition courses:

Associate Diploma in Nutritional Science


Advanced Certificate in Nutritional Counselling



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