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Study Hydroponics



With the limited time we all have in our daily lives it is good to see that there is still one way for us to learn more about facets of hydroponics in our leisure.


Correspondence leaning allows us to study at our own pace and permits us to customise what we learn specific to our needs.


Distance learning provides opportunities to this form of eduction whether we are living in an isolated location, have difficulty attending traditional face-to-face learning, or just wish to learn for knowledge’s sake.


With students presently around the world the Australian Correspondence Schools have met the challenge of taking education to the people – they way people want it.


Hydroponic specialist courses include:

·         Hydroponics (Ht340) – this is an introductory course for both beginners and serious growers.

·         Home Hydroponics (Ht341) – this is directed at home gardeners wishing to start some type of hydroponic growing.

·         Advanced Hydroponics (Ht342) – this is a more detailed study of hydroponics assuming some prior knowledge (or having done one the previous two courses). This short course is an accredited module which provides credit to an Advanced Diploma in Horticulture.

·         Certificate in Hydroponics (Ht510) – one of the first qualifications developed for this industry, and still one of the preferred.  This is a 600 hour course covering 30 lessons.

·         Certificate in Horticulture (Horticultural Technology) (C12CN002) – a detailed 300 hour study of hydroponics combined with 300 hours of general horticulture, all in 30 lessons.

·         Advanced Certificate in Applied Management (Horticultural Technology) (C12CN001) – a 700 hour course developed for a manager or supervisor of an hydroponic establishment covering topics such as Management, Communications, Marketing, Business Operations, Office Practices, plus Hydroponics and other technology related fields.


All courses cover topics such as nutrition, types of systems, crops appropriate for hydroponic use, plant growth, pests & diseases, and much more.


Other related courses include specialist crops; Horticultural Marketing; Horticultural Management; etc.


For a free Handbook which outlines these Hydroponic courses plus numerous other related course, please contact the school on:

A.C.S., PO Box 2092, Nerang MDC, Qld, 4211  Ph: (07) 5530 4855   Fax (07) 5525 1728   e-mail:    [email protected]     website:   http://www.acs.edu.au

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