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Propagating by Cuttings




Propagating from Cuttings


Published September by Kangaroo Press


This new book fills a big gap in the gardener and nurseryman’s library. Jam packed with detail of how to grow plants more effectively from cuttings; it is an easy to follow and well indexed reference that will be invaluable for both professional and amateur horticulturists.

It is available now through good bookshops; or direct from the author at Australian Correspondence Schools Phone: (07) 55304 855 or check his bookshop at www.acs.edu.au/shop



1. Introduction

2. The Techniques

3. Equipment and Materials

4. Greenhouses and other Structures

5. More Effective Propagating

6. List of Plants and How to Propagate them

7. Directory and Appendix



*Details how to take, strike and manage every type of cutting, -hardwood, semi hard, soft, tip, heel, nodal, basal, leaf, leaf-bud, root, bulb cuttings and more.


*Contains specific details on how to propagate over 200 different plants, including: Abelia, Abutilon, Acacia, Acalypha, Acanthopanax, Acer, Actinidia, Aeschynanthus, Aglaonema, Akebia, Allamanda, Alnus, Alyssum, AloysiaAmelanchier, Andromeda, Anisostichus, Anthurium, Antigonon, Aralia, Arbutus, Ardisia, Aristolochia, Artemisia, Astartea, Astroloma, Aucuba, Azalea, BaeckeaBamboo, Banksia, Bauera, Bauhinia, Beaufortia, Begonia, Beloperone, Berberis, Betula, Boronia, Bougainvillea, Brachyscome, Brachysema, Brunfelsia, Buddleia, Bursaria, Buxus, Cacti & succulents, Callistemon, Calluna, Calothamnus, Calycanthus, Calytrix, Camellia, Carpinus, Cassinia, Catalpa, Carnation, Caustis, Ceonothus, Cedrela, Cedrus, Ceratostigma, Cestrum, Chamaelaucium, Chaenomeles, Chamaecyparis, Choisya, Chrysanthemum, Cinamomum, Custus, Citrus, Clematis, Clerodendron, Clethra, Codiaeum, Coleonema, Columnea, Convolvulus, Conifer, Cordyline, Cornus, Corokia, Correa, Corylus, Cotinus, Cotoneaster, Cuphea, Cytisus … and many more (This is only A-C; so imagine what is between D & Z)





Kate Gibson, PR Dept. Australian Correspondence Schools

Phone: (07) 55304 855 or email    [email protected]

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