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A Dog Kennel


A good kennel should ideally be:

  • Of sufficient size for your dog to turn around in, but not too big that it is difficult for the dogs body heat to help heat it in winter, or it takes up too much room in your garden (or the kids decide to use it as a cubby).
  • Made of durable, and safe materials, and provide reasonable insulation against extremes of temperature.
  • Be rainproof.
  • Provide sufficient ventilation so that the atmosphere in the kennel doesn’t become stuffy.
  • Ideally not be an eyesore. As with good garden or house design - good design and suitable materials can result in an attractive home for your dog.
  • Be readily cleanable!



Creating a Healthy Home Environment for a Dog
To maintain healthy animals also we need to keep their environment as healthy as possible. There are many steps we can take to reduce environmental toxins in the house which can impact animal health.

These include:
• Brush and bath pets regularly
• Use natural and low toxicity methods of flea control
• Feed a fresh diet of organic vegetables where possible
• Include vitamins which are pollutant protectors in the animal’s diet e.g. Vitamins A, E and C, calcium and zinc.
• Change pet’s water daily and keep bowl away from dusty areas
• Use natural fibres for pet bedding
• Dust and vacuum frequently
• Use mats and take off shoes when entering the house to reduce the pollutants inside
• Avoid deep-pile carpets
• Where possible, increase ventilation in the house
• Allow pets to spend some time outdoors each day
• Keep pets inside on smoggy days or when local spraying being undertaken
• Grow indoor plants to help filter the air
• Remove poisonous plants from garden which pets can chew on
• Keep chemicals out of pets reach

Article by John Mason and staff of ACS Distance Education.

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