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Australian Experts

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Agriculture Experts     Bob James
Michelle Cullen
Animal & Wildlife Experts James Euclid
Peter Douglas
Michelle Cullen
Bob James
Jane Thompson
Business & Management Experts Bob James
Lyn Quirk
Education & Training John Mason
Environmental Experts  Bob James
Honor McGregor
Jane Thompson
James Euclid
Peter Douglas
Health & Fitness Experts Honor McGregor
Jade Pollock
Jenny McAnany
Lyn Quirk
Horticulture & Landscape Experts Adriana Fraser
Bob James
Gavin Cole
Lynette Morgan
Rosemary Davies
Information Technology Experts Angus Thomson
Photography Kevin Wilton
Psychology & Counseling Experts     Gavin Cole
Science Experts Honor McGregor
Jade Pollock
Writing Expert Adriana Fraser
June Colbert
Karin Von Behrens
Rachel Syers






Angus Thomson
Title: IT Manager
Qualifications: B.Engineering (Aerospace Avionics)
QLD 07 5562 1088 admin@acs.edu.au


Adriana Fraser
Title: Horticulture Consultant,  Academic/Tutor
Qualifications: Cert.Hort., Cert.Child Care., Adv.Cert.App.Mgt., Cert 1V Assessment and Training., Adv.Dip.Hort.


07 5562 1088



Horticulture, writing, organic plant culture, organic vegetables, home gardening, landscaping, garden design, natural garden design, cottage garden design, amenity horticulture, landscape construction, water gardens, nursery management, propagation, crops, herbs, herb medicine, plant varieties, Australian natives, self sufficiency, fruit growing, roses, nut production, cut flower production, cut flower bulbs, greenhouse cut flowers, herb culture, plant ecology, carnations, herbs, berry production, growing annuals, camellias, acacias, geraniums and pelargoniums, grevilleas, iris, indoor plants, palms & cycads, lavender, perennials, proteas, fuchsias, ferns, eucalypts, deciduous trees, conifers, carnivorous plants, cacti & succulents, bonsai, azaleas and rhododendrons, Australian native ferns, Australian native trees, African violets, amenity horticulture, parks & leisure, arboriculture, plant nutrition, plant pests & diseases, plant health, pesticides, nematodes, botany, hydroponics, landscape home gardens, home fruit growing, home hydroponics, home propagation, home vegetable gardening, playground design, aromatherapy,nursery growers, plant science, plant identification, protected plant growing, restoring old gardenshorticultural resource management, viticulture, writing, journalism, freelance writing, project management.

Bob James
Title:  Environmental Consultant
Qualifications: Dip.Animal Husb, B.App.Sc., Grad.Dip.Mgt, PDC

40 years industry experience, having held a variety of senior positions in both government and private enterprise.


07 5562 1088



Soil management, irrigation, weed control, farm management, permaculture, horticulture, trees for rehabilitation, business studies, project management, office practices, workplace health & safety, supervision, business planning, business operations, starting a small business, plant & animal surveys, ecological assessment.

Gavin Cole
Title:  ACS Tutor/Academic
Qualifications: B.Sc., Psych.Cert., M. Psych. Cert.Garden Design, MACA


07 5562 1088





Landscaping, home gardening, irrigation, psychology, counselling, counselling skills

Honor McGregor
Title: ACS Academic/Tutor
Qualifications: B.Sc., Grad.Dip.Ed.

07 5562 1088 honor@acs.edu.au

Human biochemistry, animal & plant biology, statistics, horses, environmental, earth science, human nutrition.

James Euclid
Title:  Vet GP
Qualifications: B.Vsc.(Hons), B.VBiol (Hons), PhD
VIC 07 5562 1088 james@acs.edu.au

Cats, animal health care, animal behaviour, pet care, zoology, biochemistry animals, animal anatomy & physiology.

Jade Pollock
Title: ACS Academic/Tutor
Qualifications: B.Sc.Biol, Dip.Professional Education, Cert Food Hygiene
QLD 07 5562 1088 jade@acs.edu.au


Cell biology, fitness, human nutrition, human biology, medical terminology, physiology, health & wellbeing

Jenny McAnany
Title: Naturopath & Tutor
Qualifications: B.HSc (Nursing), B.Naturopathy
QLD 07 5562 1088 admin@acs.edu.au Human nutrition, human biology, medical terminology, child nutrition, nutrition for weight loss, sports nutrition, therapeutic nutrition, human biology
Jane Thompson
Title: ACS Academic & Tutor
Qualifications: B.App.Sc
QLD 07 5562 1088 jane@acs.edu.au

Koala ecology, Wildlife Management

John Mason
Title: Principal, ACS Distance Education
Qualifications: Dip.Hort.Sc., Sup'n Cert., FIOH, FPLA, MAIH, MACHPER, MASA
QLD 07 5562 1088 admin@acs.edu.au Education
June Colbert
Title: Author & teacher
Qualifications: B.A., Dip.Ed., Dip.TESOL, Dip Bus.Mgt, Cert.Childrens Writing


07 5562 1088

Children’s writing, creative and efficient writing, writing fiction, freelance writing, short story writing, journalism, English as a second language (ESL).
Karin von Behrens
Title: ACS Academic/Tutor
Qualifications: M. Arts and Media, Grad Cert Communication and PR, Hons. Screen Studies and B. Creative Arts.
QLD 07 5562 1088 Karin@acs.edu.au

Writing, journalism, freelance writing

Kevin Wilton
Title: Photographer & Tutor
Qualifications: BIPP PQE
QLD 07 5562 1088 kevinwilton@acs.edu.au Photography, digital photography, hobby photography, travel photography, photographing people, photographic lighting
Lyn Quirk
Title: Fitness, Health & Leisure Consultant
Qualifications: M.Prof.Ed.; Adv.Dip.Compl.Med (Naturopathy); Adv.Dip.Sports Therapy; Adv.Dip Nutritional Medicine and Reg. Personal Trainer
QLD 07 5562 1088 admin@acs.edu.au

Event management, hospitality & tourism, fitness, leisure management, recreation, human biology, workplace health & safety, supervision, instructional training skills, leadership, aquarobics, nutrition, sports nutrition, natural therapies, horse care, aerobics, weight resistance training, eco tourism.

Lynette Morgan
Title: Horticulture Consultant
Qualifications: B. Hort. Tech., Ph.D. in Horticultural Science
NZ 07 5562 1088 admin@acs.edu.au
Horticulture, Plant protection, hydroponics, crops.
Michele Cullen
Title: ACS Academic & Tutor
Qualifications: B.Teaching/ B.General Studies (Linguistics), Golden Key International Honours society, Dip. Landcare, Cert. III Landcare & Natural Resouces, Assoc. Dip. Stock & Meat Inspection

07 5562 1088 michele@acs.edu.au

Agriculture, farming, animals, horses, environmental, education, animal health care, natural animal health care, equine behaviour, horse care, animal husbandry, beef cattle calf rearing, pigs, sheep animal breeding, sustainable age.
Peter Douglas
Title: Wildlife Consultant
Qualifications: Dip Animal Husbandry
QLD 07 5562 1088 admin@acs.edu.au

Koalas, animal health care, pet care, horse care, animal husbandry, dairy cattle, beef cattle, calf rearing, poultry, pigs, sheep, animal breeding, wildlife management.

Rosemary Davies
Title: Horticulture Consultant & Author
Qualifications: Dip Hort Sc.
VIC 07 5562 1088

Life coaching, horticulture, project management, marketing, event management, editing, writing, journalism, communications, cut flowers, cut flower production, cut flower bulbs, cut flower orchids, herbs, Plant varieties, roses, carnations, Australian natives, herbal medicine, nursery management, nursery sales, alternative energy, healthy buildings ornamental gardens, herb culture, landscaping, berry production, home gardening, landscape home gardens, home fruit growing, home propagation, home vegetable gardening, fruit production, plant nutrition, plant pests & diseases

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